☽Dark Mage☾

☽Dark Mage☾:lookbook.nu

These photos were taken this morning while walking around china town with friends.  I am always getting glances like I am some kind of witch with my crazy clothes, but  I dont mind the attention.  Eventually I just need to find a place in the world where I belong, for now its here in Hawaiis China town Apartments, but hopefully soon it will be in a more fashion forward city someplace else.

*Top: Urban Outfitters
Chiffon Cardigan: American Apparel
Skirt: Brandy Melville
Bangles: Free People
Bead/coin Gypsy bracelettes: Made by me

Hypnotic VooDoo Rhythm


“Beware of the Hypnotic VooDoo Rhythm!
Rock & Roll is the Devil in Disguise
You Can See it in her Eyes.”

*Top: Sugar High Loved Stoned
Hat: Lack of Color
Bag: Spell Designs
Socks: American Apparel
Boots: F21

Body in the Souls ☯


Body in the Souls ☯: Lookbook.nu

Ive taken small steps in the direction I want to go, physically. Mentally I am already there. Born as a Pisces Ive always been a big dreamer. I feel blessed to be where I am. but I know ive still got a long way to go.

*All Clothes by: American Apparel

Be Free ☮ ✌

Be Free ☮ ✌: Lookbook.nu

Walking around China Town. Currently getting over a Broken Heart, I Lost my best Puppy Friend Yesterday. Trying to be free from any sadness to see the light ahead ☮ ✌

I hope everyone can find the light to fight their inner demons ☮ ✌

*Dress: Free People
Bag: Spell Designs
Hat: American Apparel

In Loving Memory


I wanted the first post in this blog to be dedicated to my best friend & my baby, belle.  Her life being cut short by Cancer reminded me that life truly is precious.  Do things in the spur of the moment, Love fully & Never take things for granted.

For the rest of my life I will try to live by that way.  She taught me how to love and I will be forever grateful to her.